So, just how big is the net?

Lots. Big. Bigger than you thought and bigger than anything.

Of course we knew that. Everyone knows that. I knew that. I work in the ad game, in media, in the whole culture. I know this stuff and I've been telling my clients about this for years. It made sense, it was true, it's easily backed up - I wasn't lying. But. And there's always a but; but, I didn't really, not really, truly, wholly understand just how big, how powerful,how outrageous the net is.

There's not one of us, not one, that hasn't triumphed the net. I found this, I learned that, I laughed at him, I cried for her... it's all available, it's all out there waiting for us to find.

I stumbled upon Synthasite, and I have trumpeted Synthasite before. They get it, it's easy, it works.

How does it work? Simple.

They have a good idea, a great product, they believe in what they're doing and they support those that get it too.

I was lucky enough to get some support from Synthasite. They liked what I did with, I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen, er, picked - selected. Wordnoise was one of five finalists in a recent contest for the 'Best of Synthasite'. Cool, but I didn't win. I was a runner up. But; and what'd I tell you about but? But, while the masses were looking and deciding and voting, the hits on the Wordnoise site went through the roof! After that, things tapered off and although hits were higher, they weren't like when I was in the running. I expected that, and was thrilled by the brief attention my nomination garnered. And then.

And then Synthasite selected my site as a site that utilized the opportunities they provided with their on line tools, looked OK and showed off what they had to offer. They put a link on their homepage. Guess what? The hits went through the roof again!

It's not Wordnoise, honest, I know that. My business is targeted to a smaller audience. Voice work, audio, recording, creative, radio spots, TV spots...  a very small part of what everyone out there needs. But those 'S' guys, they're talking to lots of people. Hell, anyone who wants to build a free web site! People like me, and about a million others. Maybe two million, maybe a billion!  Lots more!

Then they chose my site to show off what their service can do. The spin off? Tons of visits. Tons. Tons and tons. Sure most people don't need cleaver copy, or great voices, or want to read about what I think. Some though do, just a few for sure, but some do, or so the stats would suggest!

People from South Africa, and Finland, and all over the States and Britain and Argentina and Japan and everywhere. All over, everywhere, the whole planet!, 'cause that's how big the net is. That's how far it goes. That's who the net talks to. Everyone, everywhere.

The net is big. Way bigger than we all think. Sure there are corporations, and companies and planets that know how big this thing is, but for most of us it's at best an accepted concept. We believe the net is big because like me, we 'knew' it was big. Everyone said it was. It must be. Well, it is big, it is powerful, there are lots of people looking, and deciding, and thinking, and changing things. The way we work, the way we act, the way we think. Ask Obama.

We are those people. We just don't know it yet.