This past summer I had the great and grand pleasure to work with a small, dedicated group of young people from the Wachiay Friendship Centre on a message driven creation sponsored by Island Health. The result of those efforts was a little film called 'The Test". It's an HIV awareness video. It was conceived, after many hours of intense debate, written, story-boarded, filmed (on cell phones!) and edited by the group themselves. This is their first effort, and, considering that these people had almost zero experience with making movies, a stellar achievement. Better still, I think the experience lit a spark in a couple of them and I expect the planet will see work in the future that shows their creative insight.
My thanks to Van Island Health for their commitment and their financial support. Thanks to Michael and Lisa at the Wachiay Friendship Centre, to AIDS Vancouver Island and most certainly to Aki, Naomi, Micheal and Devon. Bravo to you for a job well done.
Watch it here.