Wordsaloud - Our passion page.

Original and great short stories fully produced and adapted for the ear.  Odd, startling, sometimes sweet, sometime bizarre.... Stories that you won't find anywhere else on the net. Better still, if you have a story you'd like to see... er... hear on our site, just contact us. If what you're doing falls in line with what we're doing, we'll produce it and play it for the planet.

There's nothing in it for us or for you - sorry, we're not payin' ya! What we will do though is call favours from our talent, add music and SFX as we feel might enhance your work, produce it and we'll let it play 'til you say you don't want us to any more....  later, when fame and fortune come knocking at your door, we'd appreciate it if you'd mention us in your acceptance speech!

Sound fair?  Great - Do it!   Contact us!



Shelley McGaw - Claire.mp3



James Barber - The Day The Circus Came to Town.mp3

Martin Borycki - The Black Box.mp3

James Barber - Jonathan Jones.mp3

Selecting - Shaam Semere, written by John M Shade.mp3






Martin Borycki - Word Junkies.mp3



Don Andrews - Where the Spiders Dwell.mp3

Kai Danielson - Blue Hope.mp3

Nikki Baggio - Heaven's Tears.mp3